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Jeremy Camp is love. <3

Hi everyone!
I LOVE Jeremy Camp and his music, and I recently bought his newest CD, "RESTORED". It is amazing and I can't get enough of it. His music is so uplifting and comforting-- and I just felt like posting the words to one of his new songs that keeps running through my head, so here goes...


I spin around
I can hardly see
To catch a glimpse of this moment

I hear the sound of this simple plea
To wait at the feet of your love

Every time I'm on my knees
Pleading for your strength
I will find you there, find you there

Every time I'm on my knees
Reaching for your strength
I will find you there, find you there

To feel the crown
of the one I have breathed for
To know the door it will never be broken

Cuz I have found that time this time
Has no hold on the rate
That I need you
And I know it's never hard to find you

I'm holding on to this hope
I've been given to be always with you
I'm seeing now
That this fullness of faith is always seeking you

Nice community by the way! :)
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