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Steven Labrousse

Ladies and Gentlemen: Anyone care for a CAMPout?

I just thought I'd let all my fellow Jeremy Camp fans know about a special event happening in January in Chicago. For more info, visit the Official Jeremy Camp Message Board (aka the Campgrounds). site is:

By the way, I am Labby, one of the Global Mods of the 'Grounds. And now, without further ado...


Let’s get a couple things out of the way:
This is not a YG event. While the HOB Chicago date is an all ages gig, alcohol will be served (per host services). It just wouldn’t be right for a YP to gather his sheeplings and take them to a bar.

CAMPout definition:
An in-person gathering of J’s boardies, scheduled around a gig. The first CAMPout was at an actual hometown gig in ’03. 3 adult women gathered at Joyfullspirit’s house and spent the weekend together, including Sunday services. The CAMPouts have grown in attendance, and can happen anywhere and any time. We’ve stalked J (3 gigs in 4[?]days), and we’ve even had a CAMPout that included local mission work.
CAMPout pics:

Here we go again!

House of Blues (HOB) Chicago CAMPout, all are invited.

House of Blues Chicago
329 N. Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60610
Tour the HOB:

price : $22.50 - $24.00
Tix purchased @ the HOB box office are $26 total.
date : Thu, January 25
door : 6:30pm
show : 7:30pm
genre : Christian Rock
age : all

* : tickets subject to all applicable facility fees and service charges
: applicable fees and charges apply to all ticket sales

Dinner and a reserved seat option:
$26 tix plus $40 voucher for meal and drinks
This option gives us a reserved elevated seat, @ a table, on the outside edge of the SRO floor.

Okay, the dinner/reserved seating is on the 2nd floor (balcony). We can buy our show tix now and hope there are still reserved seats available when we purchase our dinner vouchers. Of the 80 reserved seats, 74 are still available.

How it works; we enter through the restaurant and enjoy our fine meals before the show. Then we go upstairs to our reserved seats for the show.

The box office is open daily from 10a to 10p.
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