The musician's soul (teensy80) wrote in i_still_believe,
The musician's soul

Hi Im New

Hi all I just found this Community. I recently started listening to Jeremy Camp and a few other christian artist while I dont realy listen to much CCM I LOve the Lyrics and the Passion of Jeremy camp Hes someone whos caught the Passion that we all should be feeling in the music.

Personaly I think Alot of CCM today isnt very good mostly because it feels very Fluffy and Christianity is all Rainbows and Butterflies.

Im 23 and Im from St Louis area I have a young son named Noah hes so cool.
IF you wanna know some other christian artists I listen to are Jennifer Knapp, (who I can only hope comes back eventualy) Switchfoot, Casting Crowns (only select songs) and Well a very few others. Im also open to suggestions. Well Hi Im here hope to hear some good discussions from this group
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